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Digital Monsters Don't Bleed, 2014


Raumgreifendes Objekt, 1700 x 500,

Papierrohr, Sound, Video, 2 vergoldete Skulpturen (15 x 50).


Spatial object, 1700 x 500,

paper tubes, sound, video, 2 gold plated sculptures (15 x 50).


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Sylvia Eckermann



Crystal Math, 2012


1 channel video, room installation,

5.1 sound, 5000 m Nylon wire,

300 x 200.


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Sylvia Eckermann



Probabilis, 2012


Solo exhibition including the following works:

Integument, 2012. Digital video / computer animation, wooden frame, monitor, AV player, 100 x 160.

Zero Probability Event, 2012. Iron construction, glass plate, glass cone, metronome, fly, 111 x 100 x 10.

Table for my Father, 2012.

Wooden claw and ball table, taxidermy of swans, 80 x 160.

Shifting States, 2012.

Iron construction, sheet copper, light bulb, motor, 94 x 250.

Floor tattoo, 2012.

Floor drawing, acrylic paint, 210 x 80.

Cartography of the Intangible, 2012.

Chalk drawing on grey wall, 160 x 190.


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Sylvia Eckermann



Naked Eye, 2010



Rauminstallation, 3 Kanal Video, 5.1 Sound, 1500 x 470.

10 Projektionsobjekte beschichtet, Teppich,

Textarbeit auf Spiegelfolien geplottet.


Solo exhibition,

room installation, 3 channel video, 5.1 sound, 1500 x 470.

10 projection objects, carpet, text work plotted on mirror foils.


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Sylvia Eckermann



The Trend Is Your Friend! 2009


Solo exhibition,

Performative and interactive artistic environment.

270° Projection (20 m), 8 projectors, 8 cameras, 5 RoboHeads,

7 HeadTrackers, computer, Deskotheque Display System,

Auditory Virtual Environment (AVE), 100 x 100 x 30.


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Sylvia Eckermann

video documentation: steirischer herbst


Sylvia Eckermann

short introduction into the installation by Sylvia Eckermann

before the opening sept 2009 (video: Videos)


Breathe My Air a paradoxical conversation piece, 2008-11


3 Kanal Video, 118:14', Englisch, Deutsch, Chinesisch,

Untertitel: Englisch, Chinesisch. Drehbuch,

Kamera, Schnitt: Sylvia Eckermann und Gerald Nestler.


3 channel video, 118:14', English, German, Chinese,

subtitles: English, Chinese. Written,

filmed and edited by Sylvia Eckermann and Gerald Nestler.


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Spiegelzellen | Mirror Cells, 2009


Immersives Environment.

Akusmatisch-visuelle 3D-Welt, ins Unendliche gespiegelt.

Game Mod, 3 Projektionen, 8 Kanal Audio-System, Spiegel, Holzkonstruktion, 1000 x 500 x 500.


Accessible immersive environment.

Infinitely mirrored acousmatic-visual 3d-world.

Unreal Mod, 3 projections, 8 channel audio system, mirrors,

wooden construction, 1000 x 500 x 500.


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Sylvia Eckermann



Im Neunten Himmel Oder Das Andere Ende Europas, 2008


Rauminszenierung, interaktive audio-visuelle Installation. 3D Echtzeit System, Projektion, 5.1 Sound, goldene Spiegel, Interface, Plexiglassäule, Computer, 400 x 400 x 250.

– Museum Stein, kuratiert von Dieter Buchhart, Krems/Stein AT, 2008-09.


In Ninth Heaven or the far end of Europe, 2008

Interactive environment and audio-visual Installation.

3D-realtime system, projection, 5 channel audio system, golden mirrors, interface, acrylic glass pillar, computer, 400 x 400 x 250.


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Sylvia Eckermann