Unreal Game Mod, 2006

A virtual knowledge space on the topic of global financial markets and exchanges.

By navigating through this virtual knowledge space you experience the topic in a self-determined manner. The content is conveyed through texts, images, 3D-objects, graphics, sounds, spoken texts and more. Even the 3D-architecture of the space is used as a mediator between the content and the user. Objects are linked with each other and 'beam' the visitio from one related topic to another. Thus, new contextualizations emerge out of interfaces between different pools of knowledge, archives, concepts, ideas and correlations. With text contributions by Beat Weber.

Börse was part of the installation plastic trade-off by Sylvia Eckermann and Gerald Nestler, and was shown at the exhibition WORKING_WORLD.NET Living and working in the midst of globalization, Museum Arbeitswelt Steyr, A 2006, curated by Doris Rothauer.