raumatmen | wet f{r}iction, 2005, still images

raumatmen | wet f{r}iction

— an audio-visual space-skin

digital video, 70' loop, 2005
created for an exhibition on Science Fiction - Kindermuseum ZOOM, Museumsquarter Vienna A 2005. sound: szely

The inside skin of a space station is enveloped in large size projections. The space station is not comprised of inflexible, rigid material - it is not hardware but wetware - it is a breathing, living bio-substance - a flexible membrane which moves - future material maybe discovered in an extraterrestrial lab… The exhibition space is thus transformed into a living organism. An acousmatic and sound-architectural structure intensifies the intended effect of Raumatmen (of a 'breathing of the space'). The sound aura - a matrix of speakers which is installed on the ceiling, walls and floor - allows the space to breathe.

  • Raumstation Skylab 5
    Kindermuseums ZOOM, MQ Vienna AT
    Sep 28 2005 - March 12 2006
    curated by: Katharina Oder, concept: Karin Harrasser
    architectur: LIQUIFER: Barbara Imhof, Waltraut Hoheneder
  • 3rd International Digital Art Festival, Changzhou CN, Sept 28 - Oct 1 2006