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Sylvia Eckermann


Game mod for audio/visual live performances in various locations. 2004

Resembling a flaneur in an unknown city the bot moves through a ludic 3D environment - moved by the hand of the player - robbed of his identity which the player has adopted for herself. It seems as if those she encounters have a life of their own. But this is an illusion - they are caught in loops of movements which stop abruptly and thus destroy the illusion. The moving flaneur becomes a VJ producing ever new images which with the beat of live-generated sounds melt into an emersive media environment.

action is system! Talcott Parsons

Live Sound by various Artists:
Peter Szely, Electric Indigo, Christof Cargnelli.
Venues: Public Netbase t0 Vienna, K├╝nstlerhaus Wien.

Sylvia Eckermann