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Wien 1991 – Momentaufnahme einer Stadt


Historical Museum of Vienna, Wien Museum Karlsplatz 1991

Sights and Sounds for City-Users.


Begehbare Bild- und Klanginstallation von Sylvia Eckermann und Mathias Fuchs


Exhibition / Ausstellungsdauer: 3. Mai 1991 - 30. Juni 1991

144. Sonderausstellung des Historischen Museums der Stadt Wien




Wien 1991– Momentaufnahme einer Stadt


The idea for WIEN 1991 came from a reading of Roland Barthes Mythologies. Barthes analysed French society in the year of 1957 by taking a closer look upon the common things of life: the automobil [in his case the brand-new Citroen DS19], hairstyling, cinema, plastic as the decades favourite material asf.

Barthes suggested to walk the streets of ones home town instead of going to the Louvre if one wanted valid information about contemporary culture. We picked up Barthes' intention and pasted it into the Vienna of 1991, when we conducted our research on daily culture. Not in the form of verbal analysis, but rather as an audio-visual investigation. The sounds and sights of a capital have been manipulated on the computer to achieve a compact form. Finally 12 large transparent images together with some 30 minutes of audio-clips were exhibited in a container based architecture for a large public.



Interior and exterior view of the pavilion at Karlsplatz in Vienna.




Idee, Konzept: fuchs-eckermann

Bild und Architektur | Image and Architecture: Sylvia Eckermann

Klang | Sound: Mathias Fuchs


Das Projekt wurde finanziert durch | with the support of


Historisches Museum der Stadt Wien, Kulturamt der Stadt Wien


Sponsoren | Sponsors


AKAI professional

Apple Computer Austria


GAIGER Computer

Grothusen GesmbH



M.DROTT KG - Container