In Sylvia Eckermann's work, a discursive engagement with form and media culminates in critical artistic reflections about our entanglement as individuals in current socio-economic situations. Eckermann works with various media including digital and physical environments, installations, videos, objects, and sculptures. Eckermann is the first recipient of the City of Vienna Award for Media Art (2014) and was awarded the Austrian State Prize for Media Art (2018). She lives and works in Vienna AT.

2018 Austrian State Prize for Media Art for Lifetime Achievement

2016-17 Residency at the ISCP, New York ISC

2014 City of Vienna Award for Media Art

2012 Austrian State grant for Video- and Media art

2010 File Prix Lux, Electronic Language Festival, São Paulo, TIYF! nominated

2008 Austrian Federal Artist in Residence grant, Peking, China

2005/06 Austrian Federal Artist in Residence grant, Chengdu, China

1999 Austrian Federal Artist in Residence grant, London, GB

1998 Austrian Federal Artist in Residence grant, Durham, Canada

1996 Austrian Federal Artist in Residence grant, Fujino, Japan

1992 participation in Progetto Civitella d'Agliano 92, Italy


Member of:

fuchs-eckermann (1989-2004)
Gangart (1987-1989)


2000/01 Lecturer for Game Design at Sibelius Academy Helsinki



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In den Arbeit von Sylvia Eckermann münden langjährige Form- und Mediendiskurse in kritische Reflexionen über die Gegenwart. Ihre Installationen können als räumliche und mediale Inszenierungen von Informationen in binären und physischen Umgebungen beschrieben werden, die sowohl individuelle als auch politische und ökonomische Interessen strukturieren. Ihre Kunst sucht die Herausforderung zwischen Diskurs und ästhetischer Praxis, zwischen analog und digital, zwischen solitärer künstlerischer Arbeit und kreativen Gruppenprozessen. Eckermann gilt als Pionierin der Game Art, in der seit Ende der 1990er Jahre Computerspiele zu künstlerischen Formaten ummodifiziert werden.
Seit 2012 schafft sie auch skulpturale Arbeiten, die den virtuellen und physischen Raum miteinander verweben.

1987-1989 Mitglied der Künstlergruppe Gangart, 1989-2004 fuchs-eckermann, seit 2011 Mitglied der Technopolitics Research Group. Gemeinsam mit Gerald Nestler hat Eckermann die Kunstserie The Future of Demonstration entwickelt, die sich 2017 und 2018 mit neuen Formaten und Praxen der Kunst auseinandersetzt. 2014 erhielt sie den Medienkunst-Preis der Stadt Wien für ihr künstlerisches Gesamtwerk. 2018 wurde sie für ihr Gesamtwerk mit dem österreichischen Kunstpreis für Medienkunst ausgezeichnet.



Positionen in der Kunst. Radiokolleg. Gestaltung: Thomas Mießgang.

"Sylvia Eckermann - Über das Unentscheidbare entscheiden"

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Catalogue of works, projects and exhibitions

Size is specified in cm. An asterisk (*) indicates the publication of a related exhibition catalogue


– light installation for the LED facade of UNIQA headquarter in Vienna‘s city center.


The Future of Demonstration, PASSION, 2018

art project, conceived and realized with Gerald Nestler.

- Atelier Augarten, Vienna.

Making the Black Box Speak.

- The Future of Demonstration PASSION, Episode 3, Atelier Augarten, Wien.


Tracing Information Society – A Technopolitics Timeline. 2018

- “Sigradi”, Universidade de São Paulo. São Carlos. Brazil.

- “Seoul Mediacity Biennale”, Seoul Museum of Art.



– light installation for the LED facade of UNIQA headquarter in Vienna‘s city center. The light installation was a widely visible landmark for the art series The Future of Demonstration.

The Future of Demonstration, VERMÖGEN, 2017

art project, conceived and realized with Gerald Nestler.

- Reaktor, Vienna.


Tracing Information Society – A Technopolitics Timeline. 2017

- “Patchlab Festival”, International Digital Art Festival in Krakow Poland.

- Connecting Spaces, Hong Kong.

- “transmediale”, NgbK Neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst, Berlin.


WHISPER. Status Code : No Entity Found, 2016
Video, Audio, 4:49 min., Text: Gerald Nestler
– Austrian Cultural Forum New York, 11 East 52nd Street, New York, NY 10022, 01/2017
– P! 334 Broome Street, New York, NY 10002, 01/2017
– Goldsmiths, New Cross Room: Richard Hoggart Building 308, London, GB
– ArtCenter/South Florida, Miami Beach, 10/2016



Interpassive object. Polystyrene sheets and mirrors, 4 loudspeakers, monitor, camera, computer,

160 x 160 x 80 cm. Composition of the voices: Szely.

– "Social Glitch - Radical aesthetics and the consequences of extreme events", Kunstraum Niederösterreich, 2015


Digital Monsters Don't Bleed, 2014

Solo show; Spatial object, 1700 x 500, paper tubes, sound, video, 2 gold plated sculptures (15 x 50).

– kunstraum BERNSTEINER, Vienna AT, 2014.


Glykon, 2014

Polymer, iron pedestal, 40 x 95.

– "Die Große Illusion", curated by Steinbrener / Dempf, Vienna AT, 2014.


adreamlessmind, 2014

Serigraphy on bedlinen.

– "Festival Intime Räume | Von der Realität des Träumens und dem Albtraum der Realität", curated by IMA, Institut für Medienarchälogie, Hainburg a.D. AT, 2014.

Cartography of the Intangible, 2013

Light box, steel, wood, acrylic glass, neon, 153 x 187.

– “Little bit of history deleting,” curated by Isin Önul, GPL CONTEMPORARY Gallery Peithner-Lichtenfels, Vienna AT, 2013.

Telluric Force II, 2013

360° projection, computer animation, 5.1 sound.

– NWEAMO Festival, Heikoff Dome Theater, Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, San Diego, California USA, 2014 

– “iSphere” (Vienna Art Fair), curated by Raimund Deininger, Vienna AT, 2013.


– kunstraum BERNSTEINER, Vienna AT.

Solo exhibition including the following works:


Integument, 2012

Digital video / computer animation, wooden frame, monitor, AV player, 100 x 160. 

Zero Probability Event, 2012

Iron construction, glass plate, glass cone, metronome, fly, 111 x 100 x 10.

Table for my Father, 2012

Wooden claw and ball table, taxidermy of swans, 80 x 160.

Shifting States, 2012

Iron construction, sheet copper, light bulb, motor, 94 x 250.

Floor tattoo, 2013

Floor drawing, acrylic paint, 210 x 80.

Cartography of the Intangible, 2013

Chalk drawing on grey wall, 160 x 190.

Telluric Force, 2012

Computer animation, stereo sound, plasma display, wooden frame, 90 x 150.

– “Parkfair Arte Noah,” curated by Iv Toshain / Matthias Makowsky, Vienna AT 


Social platform / video portal. In artistic cooperation with Edgar Honetschläger.

March 11th 2012 was the first anniversary of the earthquake, the tsunami and the nuclear disaster having hit northeastern Japan. The SOS = Sound of Sirens platform urges people worldwide to reflect on the disaster and its aftermath in cinematic form. SOS took stock of how a democratic society deals with an environmental catastrophe; it investigated social change and political motivations after an environmental disaster, reflects, processes and molds them into various forms of artistic expression. SOS focuses on how the individual, the group, the government, the world community respond to a sudden event of incomprehensible dimension and SOS gave victims a forum to deal with their anger, their sorrow and their fear.


Crystal Math, 2012

1 channel video, room installation, 5.1 sound, 5000 m Nylon wire, 300 x 200.

– “Glitch,” curated by Gerald Nestler / Max Thoman,, Kunstraum Innsbruck AT, 2013.

– “paraflows.7 - Reverse Engineering,” festival for digital art and culture, curated by Judith Fegerl / Günther Friesinger, weisses haus, Vienna AT, 2012.*

– kunstraum BERNSTEINER | Basement,

in the course of Gerald Nestler’s exhibition ON PURPOSE. The New Derivative Order, Vienna AT, 2012.


Solo exhibition, room installation, 3 channel video, 5.1 sound, 1500 x 470.

10 projection objects, carpet, text work plotted on mirror foils.

– kunstraum BERNSTEINER, Vienna AT, 2010/11.

Reigen, 2012

Digital video.

“Vienna Art Week,” Dorotheum Vienna AT, 2012.

Breathe My Air - A Paradoxical Conversation Piece, 2008-2011

3 channel video, 118:14’, English, German, Chinese, subtitles: English, Chinese. 

Written, filmed and edited by Sylvia Eckermann and Gerald Nestler.

– “refuse the shadow of the past,” curated by ASAP, University Museum and Art Gallery, The University of Hong Kong CN, 2014.*

BREATHE MY AIR, curated by Li Zhenhua, Four Zero Space, Hangzhou CN, 2010.

– “Mifan,” Babu Art Space, curated by ASAP, Shenzhen CN, 2009.

– “Mifan,” Anni Art Gallery, curated by ASAP, 798 Dashanzi Art District, Beijing CN, 2009.*

VIDEO PROJECT LAUNCH at CPU:798 Art Space, curated by Edward Sanderson, Peking CN, 2008.


Performative and interactive artistic environment.

270° Projection (20 m), 8 projectors, 8 cameras, 5 RoboHeads, 7 HeadTrackers, computer, Deskotheque Display System, Auditory Virtual Environment (AVE), 100 x 100 x 30. 

Produced by: MedienKunstLabor Graz. In cooperation with: steirischer herbst, Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics (KUG) & Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision (TU Graz)

– MKL / Kunsthaus Graz, curated by Mirjana Peitler / Winfried Ritch, Graz AT, 2009.*

In Ninth Heaven or the far end of Europe, 2008

Interactive environment and audio-visual Installation.

3D-realtime system, projection, 5 channel audio system, golden mirrors, interface, acrylic glass pillar, computer, 400 x 400 x 250.

– Museum Stein, curated by Dieter Buchhart, Stein AT, permanent installation from 2008-09.

Mirror Cells, 2007

Accessible immersive environment. Infinitely mirrored acousmatic-visual 3d-world.

Unreal Mod, 3 projections, 8 channel audio system, mirrors, wooden construction, 1000 x 500 x 500. 

– “Acting in Utopia,” curated by Anna-Maria Hofbauer / Dieter Buchhart, Linzer Landesgalerie,

Feature project of ars electronica, Linz AT, 2007.*

Plastic Trade-off, 2006

Meta-performative game in real time – intervention in global financial markets and exchanges.

1500 LEDs in different colors mounted inside acrylic glass discs, construction and data/power lines are identical, suspended and fixed with steel wire. 370 x 400 x 380.

– “WORKING_WORLD.NET. Living and working in the midst of globalization,” curated by Doris Rothauer,

Museum Arbeitswelt Steyr AT. Permanent installation since 2006.*

n o w h e r e - ein Welt Raum Spiel, 2005

Game Mod, virtual environment.

Unreal Mod on the utopian correspondence of a group of architects who formed The Glass Chain (Die Gläserne Kette 1919-1920).

– media@terra International Art + Technology Festival, curated by Daphne Dragona, Athens GR, 2006.

– “PLAY(S),” International Digital Art Festival, curated by Xiaoying Yuan, Changzhou CN, 2006.*

– 11-ART.COM 798 Arts District, Beijing CN, 2006.*

– aut. architektur und tirol, curated by thecrystalweb°, Innsbruck AT, 2006. 

– Exhibition center Heiligenkreuzerhof of University of Applied Arts, curated by thecrystalweb°, Vienna AT, 2005.*

wet f{r}iction, 2005

Digital video.

– “PLAY(S),” International Digital Art Festival, curated by Xiaoying Yuan, Changzhou CN, 2006.*

Raumatmen, 2005

Digital video.

– “Raumstation Skylab 5,” curated by Kathrin Oder, Exhibition architecture: LIQUIFIER, Kindermuseum ZOOM Vienna Museums Quarter, Vienna AT, 2005/06.


Game Mod. Sight-specific interactive feedback circuit.

– Tonspur, Museums Quarter, Vienna AT.

reservoir_bots, 2004

Game Mod for audio-visual live performances.

– curated by Konrad Becker, curated by Konrad Becker, Institute for New Culture Technologies/t0, Vienna AT, 2005.

– “Lange Nacht der Museen,” Künstlerhaus Vienna AT, 2004.

Duochrome, 1991

Site-specific art, 6-channel video installation, stereo sound, wooden construction.

– “Free Media Mix,” curated by Andreas Braito / Mathias Fuchs, Academy of fine arts, Vienna AT (with Manuela Burghard), 1991.

Artistic cooperation with Mathias Fuchs. (fuchs-eckermann, 1989-2004)


Game Mod for DJs, Manchester GB, 2004.

– “Reserve der Form,” curated by Angelika Fitz / Klaus Stattmann, Künstlerhaus Vienna AT, 2004.* 

FemCity, 2003

Game Mod. Multi-user computer game for girls. 

FemCity is a simulation of a complex social and economic environment in which young women find themselves when they set out to design their future. Commissioned by the Bureau of women's affairs Vienna.

With Edeltraut Hanappi-Egger / Gerhard Hanappi

– “Third Places,” curated by Doris Rothauer, steirischer herbst, Graz AT 2004.*

fluID - arena of identities, 2003 

Game Mod. Multi user game on identities and its breaches as well as deconstructions. 

Virtual environment for 3 players, 3 projection panels, 3 projectors, 3 computers, 3 head sets.

– “artgames. Structural analogies of art and game,” curated by Karina Esmailzadeh / Jutta Scheld,

Ludwig Forum für internationale Kunst, Aachen D, 2005/06.*

– ISEA 2004, KIASMA Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki FI, 2004.*

– “GameArt,” Völklinger Hütte, Völklingen D, 2004.*

– “cyber@rt,” Bilbao E, 2004

– “games. Computerspiele von KünstlerInnen,” curated by Tilman Baumgärtel / hartware medien kunst verein, PHOENIX Halle, Dortmund D, 2003.*

– “SELFWARE. politics of identity – games,” curated by Georg Lauteren / Reinhard Braun, European Cultural Capital Graz AT, 2003.*

EXPOSITUR - a virtual knowledge space, 2002

Game Mod. A hyper-museum based upon a computer game. 

Solo exhibition, Game Art environment.

– KIASMA Museum of Contemporary Art, curated by Perttu Rastas, Helsinki FI, 2002.*

EXPOSITUR - ein virtueller Wissensraum, 2001

Game Mod. A hyper-museum based upon a computer game. 

Game art environment for 3 players. Exhibition architecture: the next ENTERprise - architects.

– “Unternehmen Capricorn,” curated by Christoph Steinbrener, Karmelitermarkt, Vienna AT, 2001.*


4 channel video, computer animation.

Exhibition architecture: the next ENTERprise – architects.

– curated by Unit-f, Bregenz AT.

PLAN-it!, 2000

An interactive multisensory environment for the Mind Zone (architecture: Office Zaha Hadid).

In cooperation with Herbert Lachmayer / Art+Tek Institut Linz AT.

– “The Mind Zone,” curated by Zaha Hadid, Millennium Dome London GB 2000.*

Hotel Synthifornia, 1999

Unreal Game Mod level.

– “SYNWORLD playwork:hyperspace,” curated by Konrad Becker, Institute for New Culture Technologies/t0, Museums Quarter Vienna AT, 1999


Net Art project with international artists. 

– curated by fuchs-eckermann, Toronto CA

Patch-Work/Patch-Life, 1998

Video installation. Stereo sound.

– “Work@Culture. BÜRO. Inszenierung von Arbeit,” curated by Herbert Lachmayer, Landesmuseum Linz AT, 1998.*

<vspace=”4”>. Interactive Video and Sound Installation for an Elevator, 1998

– “Archiv X,” curated by Elke Krasny / Elisabeth Madlener, OK Offenes Kulturhaus Upper Austria, Linz AT, 1998.*

SELFCONTAINED phone terror project, 1997

– curated by curated by Konrad Becker, Institute for New Culture Technologies/t0, Museums Quarter Vienna AT, Vienna AT, 1997


Net Art project of images and sounds from a journey to Japan. 

BAD ROOM, 1997

Audio visual environment.

– curated by Tuike / Simo Alitalo, Muu Media Base, Helsinki FI.

ALIENS, 1995

Net Art project.

– Diagonale film festival exhibition curated by Konrad Becker, Salzburg AT, 1995. 


Site specific video and sound installation.

– “EAST,” Selectors: Marian Goodman / Giuseppe Penone, Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Norwich GB, 1995.*


Underwater installation. Plastic sphere (diameter 70cm), monitor, speakers, microphone, light.

– “sounds from elsewhere,” curated by Tuike / Simo Alitalo, Titanik Gallery, Turku FI, 1994.*

REWIND, 1993

Interactive computer installation.

– “Safe,” curated by Tuike / Simo Alitalo, Mediagalleria, Turku FI, 1993.

LINK. a para-realistic staircase, 1993

Site-specific Sonic Art project. Orange carpet, speakers and sound system.

– ISEA 94, Ateneum Art Museum, Helsinki FI, 1994.*

– “Sound,” curated by Marisa Vescovo, Museion, Bolzano  IT, 1993.*

– Kunsthalle Vienna AT, 1993.


Sound composition with shared authorship, installation.

– Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, Mexico City MX, 1992.

– Gallery Theuretzbacher, ORF Kunstradio, Vienna AT, 1991.

WIEN 1991. Momentaufnahme einer Stadt

Installation with images and sounds. 

– “Urban Spaces - Urban Dreams,” curated by Eleonora Louis / Lisi Breuss, Kunsthalle Szombathely HU, 1998.*

– Center of Arts, Cairo ET, 1992

WIEN 1991. Momentaufnahme einer Stadt, 1991

Installation with images and sounds. Specially built pavilion. 

– Karlsplatz, Museum of the History of Vienna, Vienna AT, 1991.*

Selected group shows


LAUNCH EVENT of Finance and Society vol. 2, no. 1, special issue on art and finance

– P! 334 Broome Street, New York, NY 10002, 01/2017

Artistic statements by Paolo Chirio, Enxuto & Love, UBERMORGEN, Sylvia Eckermann, Gerald Nestler, Kathleen Ditzig, Robin Lynch, Debbie Ding.


art & function curated by: Sabine Kienzer
Kunsthaus Muerz, Mürzzuschlag
Opening: November 11 2016 – January 31 2017
Artists: Gerry Ammann, Katrina Daschner, Carla Degenhardt, Ines Doujak, Sylvia Eckermann, Manfred Erjautz, Mathis Esterhazy, Sofia Goscinski, Christine und Irene Hohenbüchler, Ewa Kaja, Mihaela Kavdanska, Brigitte Kowanz, Constantin Luser, Sabine Ott, Werner Reiterer, Hans Schabus, Nita Tandon, Jochen Traar, transparadiso und Markus Wilfling.


da 2: Dada and current positions in art Museum Macura, Zenit 1, Novi Banovci, Serbia
September 3, 2016 - January 3, 2017
Curator: Vladimir Macura, Co-Curator: Andreas Kattner


Social Glitch - Radical aesthetics and the consequences of extreme events, Kunstraum Niederösterreich, 1010 Wien. Curated by: Sylvia Eckermann, Gerald Nestler, Maximilian Thoman.

ARTISTS Exhibition Kunstraum NOE: Lawrence Abu Hamdan (LB/GB), Ines Doujak (AT) & John Barker (GB), Earth Sensing Association /Nabil Ahmed & Pierre Blanc (GB), Sylvia Eckermann (AT), Harun Farocki (DE), Thomas Feuerstein (AT), Forensic Architecture / Susan Schuppli, Eyal Weizman et al. (GB), Christina Goestl (AT), Ayesha Hameed (CA/GB), Mathias Kessler (AT/USA), Mark Lombardi (USA), Jennifer Mattes (DE/AT), Gerald Nestler (AT), Godofredo Pereira (PT/GB), Axel Stockburger (AT), Technopolitics, UBERMORGEN (USA/CH/AT) Performative interventions and workshops: Heath Bunting (UK), Pablo Chieregin (IT/AT) & Marlene Hausegger (AT) & Elvedin Kla?ar (AT), Bernhard Garnicnig & Lukas Heistinger (AT), Manu Luksch (AT/GB), Gerald Straub (AT), Igor Vamos / The Yes Men (USA), Stefanie Wuschitz (AT) Performance (cooperation with WUK.performing.arts): Ursula Endlicher (AT/USA) with Frans Poelstra (NL/AT), Deborah Hazler (AT) Sound (cooperation with Tonspur Kunstverein Wien im Q21): Volkmar Klien (AT), Szely (AT)


PARALLEL VIENNA Alte Post, Dominikaner Bastei, 1010 Wien.


No More Fukushimas VIENNA ART WEEK, curated by Marcello Farabegoli at Verein 08, Vienna


Die große Illusion Bei STEINBRENER/DEMPF, Vienna


Festival Intime Räume | Von der Realität des Träumens und dem Albtraum der Realität, IMA, Hainburg A.D., curated by Elisabeth Schimana


NWEAMO Festival, San Diego, California, March 22–23, 2014. Superdome theater, Reuben H. Fleet Science Center


GLITCH - UNSER SCHREIBZEUG ARBEITET MIT AN UNSEREN GEDANKEN curated by Max Thoman Kunstraum Innsbruck Maria-Theresien-Straße 34, Arkadenhof, 6020 Innsbruck


LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY DELETING, curated by: Isin Önol GPL CONTEMPORARY Galerie Peithner-Lichtenfels, Sonnenfelsgasse 6, 1010 Vienna



paraflows.7 - Reverse Engineering Festival für digitale Kunst und Kulturen, Vienna A


MIFAN, VENUE_Room 208, NO.A3 Industrial Park-East, Shenzen, CN


MIFAN, organised by ASAP, curated by Karel Dudesek, AnniArt Gallery, 798 Dashanzi Art District, Beijing, CN WORKS BY Lukas Birk, Karel Dudesek, Sylvia Eckermann, Gerald Nestler, Nikolaus Gansterer, Matthias Meinharter, Ulrike Johannsen, Jasmin Ladenhaufen, Ralo Mayer.


Acting in Utopia, Linzer Landesgalerie, Linz A WORKS BY Olaf Nicolai (D), Ernesto Neto (Brasilien), Christine und Irene Hohenbüchler (A), Sylvia Eckermann/ Peter Szely/Doron Goldfarb (A), Wolfgang Münch und Kiyoshi Furukawa (D/JAP), Vadim Fishkin (RUS/SLO), Katrin Sigurdardottir (ISL/USA)
ars electronica, Linz A


Civilization IV – Age of Empire (Eastwood)

Curated by: Manthos Santorineos & Daphne Dragona

media@terra, International Art + Technology Festival, Athens GR

3rd International Digital Art Festival, Changzhou CN

WORKING_WORLD.NET Living and working in the midst of globalization, Museum Arbeitswelt Steyr A

WORKS BY Sylvia Eckermann & Gerald Nestler (A),Valie Export (A), Ingo Günther (USA), Felix Malnig (A), Michael Pisk (A), REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT Martin Keil und Henrik Mayer (D), Oliver Ressler (A), Joseph Sappler (D), Ingo Vetter & Annette Weisser (D) in Kooperation mit Mitch Cope (USA)

ARTGAMES Analogien zwischen Kunst und Spiel, Ludwig Forum für internationale Kunst, Aachen D

WORKS BY Atelier Kompakt, Julien Alma/Laurent Hart, Norbert Bayer, Andrea Bender, Flavio Bonetti, Birgit Brinkmann, Stanislaw Drozdz, Elisabeth Ensenberger, Sylvia Eckermann/ Mathias Fuchs, Sylvie Fleury, Peter Fischli/David Weiss, Beate Geissler/Oliver Sann, Eva Grubinger, Invader, Christian Jankowski, Margarete Jahrmann/Max Moswitzer, Mariko Mori, Volker Morawe/Tilman Reiff, Peter Niemann, Miguel Angel Rios, Gerwald Rockenschaub, Angel Vergara Santagio, Rob Scholte, Roman Signer, Marion Strunk, //////////fur////art

SKYLAB 5, Kindermuseum ZOOM Wiener Museumsquartier, Vienna A

WORKS BY Julia Bruchner, Susanne Delleske, Sylvia Eckermann, Nikolaus Gansterer, Dominik Guggenberger, Tina Handl, Hons, Peter Kozek, Diana Levin, David Moises, Marius Schebella, Karl Seiringer, Michael Silbergasser, Peter Szely, Jasmin Trabichler


ISEA  international symbosia for electronic art , Helsinki FI


GAMEART Völklinger Hütte, Völklingen D


GAMES computerspiele von KünstlerInnen, hardware medienkunstverein Dortmund D

WORKS BY Julien Alma /Laurent Hart, F, Cory Arcangel, USA, Mister Ministeck Norbert Bayer, D, Tom Betts, GB, Pash Buzari, D, Leon Cmielewski / Josephine Starrs, AUS, Arcangel Constantini, MEX, Vuk Cosic, Slowenien, Aurélien Froment, F, Mathias Fuchs / Sylvia Eckermann, A, Beate Geissler / Oliver Sann, D, Margarete Jahrmann / Max Moswitzer, A, Jodi, E, Joan Leandre, E Mongrel, GB, Tilman Reiff / Volker Morawe, D, Anne-Marie Schleiner / Brody Condon, USA , Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag, D, Space Invader, F, Thomson & Craighead, GB, Olaf Val, D, Yang Zhenzhong, CN, Lars Zumbansen, D


cyber@rt, Bilbao E


SELFEWARE-politics of identity, Graz2003 Kulturhauptstadt A


THE MINDZONE Millenium Dome London GB


SYNWORLD; Public Netbase Vienna A, curated by Konrad BeckerAxel Stockburger (A), Basicray (USA), Dextro (A), Sylvia Eckermann, Mathias Fuchs(A), Glow (A), (B, NL), Margarete Jahrmann (A) Kandyman (A), Max Moswitzer (A), Robert Adrian X | August Black | Markus Seidl (A), Synreal t0 (A), Vuk Cosic (SLO)


ARCHIV   X, curated by Elke Krasny and Elisabeth Madlener; O.K Center of Contemporary Art Linz A

WORKS BY Laura Anderson Barbata (USA), Beusch/Cassani (F), Guillaume Bijl (B), Jörg Brombacher/Klaus Heid (D)
Alain Bublex (F), Clegg & Guttmann (USA; A), Nicolas Collins (D), Patrick Corillon (F), Sylvia Eckermann, Mathias Fuchs (A), Karl-Heinz Klopf (A), Eva-Maria Kósa (A), Christian Marclay (USA), Rosângela Rennó (Rio de Janeiro), Katharina Struber (A)


WORK & CULTURE, Landesmuseum Linz A

WORKS BY John Baldessari, Dara Birnbaum, Heiko Bressnik, Marcel Broodthaers, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Hanne Darboven, Sylvia Eckermann & Mathias Fuchs, Barbara Holub, Peter Hueme, Margarete Jahrmann, Herbert Lachmayer, Eleonora Louis, Inge Morath, MarikoMori, Maurizio Nannucci, Marion von Osten, Martin Osterider, Blinky Palermo, Public Netbase t0, Institut für neue Kulturtechnologien, PriskaRiedl, Betty Spackman, Timm Ulrichs, Anja Westerfrölke


EAST selectors: Marian Goodman, Giuseppe Penone, Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts Norwich GB


ISEA 1994 Helsinki FI,

... ELSEWARE, Titanik Gallery, Turku FI


SOUND, curated by Marisa Vescovo. MUSEION Bozen | Bolzano IT

SAFE. Mediagalleria, Turku FI


Curatorial Work

The Future of Demonstration

Season 1: VERMÖGEN, Reaktor, Vienna AT, 31/10 - 11/11 2017

Season 2: PASSION, Atelier Augarten, Vienna AT, 20 - 25/10 2018




IDEA & ARTISTIC CONCEPT: Sylvia Eckermann, Gerald Nestler.
ARTISTIC DIRECTORS: Sylvia Eckermann, Gerald Nestler, Maximilian Thoman.

The Future of Demonstration.

An art series of 2 seasons and 8 episodes focusing on new formats, intensities and consequences of artistic work. Based on the leitmotifs PASSION 2018 and VERMÖGEN 2017, artists, theorists, scientists and other experts jointly develop postdisciplinary practices that engage with today’s massive transformations in the ecological, political, economic, and cultural spheres. Demonstration is explored as a means to reimagine, collect, share and realise narratives, techniques and affiliations of resistance.


E1: Aziz al-Turi, Forensic Architecture: Ariel Caine, Eyal Weizman. FILM: Manu Luksch. additional contribution: Noit Banai. sound: Mukul. E2: Laboria Cuboniks: Diann Bauer, Katrina Burch, Helen Hester, Patricia Reed. H.A.U.S.: Clara Haider, Christoph Hubatschke, Christoph Müller, Oliver Schürer, Christiana Tsiourti. coding: Stephanie Gross, Brigitte Krenn, Friedrich Neubarth. interaction scripting: Christian Fiedler, Patrick Lechner. performance: Tanja Brandmayer. FILM: Michael Loizenbauer. additional contributions: Mark Coeckelbergh, Janina Loh, Kristian Lukić, Robert Trappl, Marlies Wirth. E3: a.ACHAT, Daniel Colucciello Barber, Stefan Becker, Hannes Broecker, Nikolaus Gansterer, James Hoff, Barbara Imhof, Margarete Jahrmann, Marian Kaiser, D. Kaufman, Jonas Loh, Fred Rapid, Klaus Schafler, Claudia Schötz. FILM: Emma Rosa Simon. E4: Ildiko Babos, Haymon Maria Buttinger, Nehle Dick, Thomas Feuerstein, Swintha Gersthofer, Jens Hauser, Didi Kern, Bernhard Loibner, Christian Reiner, Peter Szely. FILM: Wolfgang Rebernik. additional contribution: Lucie Strecker & Klaus Spiess. E5: Nils Gabriel, Jan Groos, Sunny King, Jürgen Kleft, Andrew Newman, Rachel Rose O’Leary, Paul Rieger, Brett Scott, Matthias Tarasiewicz, terra0, Sophie-Carolin Wagner, Markus Zimmermann. FILM: Jan Groos & Max Gurresch. additional contributions: Jaya Klara Brekke, Max Hampshire, Laura Lotti, Martin Reinhart. VOICE: Anna Mendelssohn. Closing event with mahd: Volkmar Klien, Hannes Löschel. fluktuation8.



E 1: Domingo Castillo, Femke Herregraven, Victoria Ivanova, Aslak Aamot Kjærulff, Bogna Konior, Jonas Lund, Suhail Malik, [NAME], Jamilah Sabur, Axel Stockburger, Tirdad Zolghadr, Natalia Zuluaga.E 2: Cultural Intelligence Collective (CIC): A Cultural Intelligence Project in cooperation with Critical Art Ensemble (CAE); CIC 2018: Steve Barnes, Konrad Becker, Laurus Edelbacher, Christoph Kummerer, Steven Kurtz, Anastasya Voloshina, Ruth Zimmermann. Special guest appearances: Ca.tter, DJ Nigga Fox, Dominique Raffa, Stacey Robinson, Alexander Schelle. Video-stream: Georg Schütz. Talks and discussions with: Konrad Becker, Critical Art Ensemble, El Iblis Shah, Felix Stalder. E 3: Haim Bodek, Sylvia Eckermann, Aldo Giannotti, Florentina Holzinger, Volkmar Klien, Gerald Nestler, Peng! Collective, Denis “Jaromil” Roio, Soulcat E-Phife, Technopolitics Research Group, ubermorgen. Data body: Jon Eckermann. Special guest appearance: Frank Pasquale. Special exhibition: The Glass Room Experience, Tactical Technology Collective, Berlin. Workshops: Alistair Alexander, Tactical Tech.Intro Voice episodes: Anna Mendelssohn.

Radical aesthetics and the consequences of extreme events

Vienna AT, 24/09 - 05/12 2015


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An exhibition project at KUNSTRAUM NIEDEROESTERREICH and in the public space of Vienna with projects in collaboration with TONSPUR Kunstverein Wien and WUK.performing.arts


Curated by: Sylvia Eckermann, Gerald Nestler and Maximilian Thoman


Exhibition Kunstraum NOE: Lawrence Abu Hamdan (LB/GB), Ines Doujak (AT) & John Barker (GB), Earth Sensing Association /Nabil Ahmed & Pierre Blanc (GB), Sylvia Eckermann (AT), Harun Farocki (DE), Thomas Feuerstein (AT), Forensic Architecture / Susan Schuppli, Eyal Weizman et al. (GB), Christina Goestl (AT), Ayesha Hameed (CA/GB), Mathias Kessler (AT/USA), Mark Lombardi (USA), Jennifer Mattes (DE/AT), Gerald Nestler (AT), Godofredo Pereira (PT/GB), Axel Stockburger (AT), Technopolitics, UBERMORGEN (USA/CH/AT) Performative interventions and workshops: Heath Bunting (UK), Pablo Chieregin (IT/AT) & Marlene Hausegger (AT) & Elvedin Kla?ar (AT), Bernhard Garnicnig & Lukas Heistinger (AT), Manu Luksch (AT/GB), Gerald Straub (AT), Igor Vamos / The Yes Men (USA), Stefanie Wuschitz (AT) Performance (cooperation with WUK.performing.arts): Ursula Endlicher (AT/USA) with Frans Poelstra (NL/AT), Deborah Hazler (AT) Sound (cooperation with Tonspur Kunstverein Wien im Q21): Volkmar Klien (AT), Szely (AT)